Introducing EnbiGuard, a pioneering

A lightweight Face Shield that promotes ease of movement, allows a wide field of vision and provides maximum protection to the user. PRODUCT FEATURES mouse


A Pioneering Lightweight Face Shield Protecting Front-line Workers Globally

Designed by the Enbi Group to provide front line personnel with a comfortable and secure fitting face shield that can be worn for extended periods. It shields the face from direct airborne contaminated droplets.  EnbiGuard can be worn in conjunction with glasses and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 
EnbiGuard is optically clear and anti-fogging, and the design allows ventilation around the face to enhance user comfort.  EnbiGuard is lightweight in construction, allows good movement and maximum peripheral vision. 



Complies to FDA Standards


Serving in the medical diagnositcs industry

At Enbi, we create medical products for a more sustainable future. We combine environmental protection and social responsibility. Through engineering and innovation, we enable our customers around the world to meet the current and future needs of society – Invisible Precision.
High Quality, Simple Design
EnbiGuard is designed with the user in mind. Comfortable, lightweight, and offering maximum protection to the face and neck area our face shields allow users to go about their work knowing that the EnbiGuard will be there to protect them.
Shatter Proof
Your safety is our number 1 priority. This is why EnbiGuard uses fog-free, scratch-resistant, optically clear, impact-resistant (to ANSI Z87.1-15 clause 5.2.1), dimensionally stable materials for our face shields. You can be sure that our visors will not let you down.
Full Face
EnbiGuard Face shields have several important advantages over face masks alone. The shape of the helps to provide greater facial surface area coverage than masks alone by protecting all of the areas where the virus enters the body (the eyes, nose, and mouth).
Compatible with other PPE
EnbiGuard’s unique design to allow it to safely be used with other standard forms of PPE such as safety glasses, surgical masks as well as normal prescription glasses. The shape allows easy movement of the head whilst still proving the maximum amount of skin protection.
Skin Friendly
Our vast experience in material science has led to the development of the head foam using a cosmetic grade polymer. The material is designed to be not only comfortable to wear over many hours but also to significantly reduce the risks of skin irritation.

Order Volumes
Enbi will supply order volumes from anything between 10 to 10,000 units per order.
Delivery Times
Enbi aims to fulfil orders of our Face Shields within 5-30 days depending on order volume.
ISO 9001 Management System
Enbi provides consistent quality through the utilisation of the ISO 9001 management systems.
Local Sales & Service Support
Our local sales and service teams are there to support you across the globe.
About Enbi Group

Enbi’s headquarters are in Shelbyville, Indiana, USA. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically positioned around the world in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Enbi offers the flexibility to choose the manufacturing sites that best serve our customers’ technology needs, volume demands and geographical manufacturing strategies, with local facilities dedicated to high or low volume production.

On-time delivery and zero defects are the hallmarks of our standard manufacturing philosophy.